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Calvin A. Hunsinger School  

Calvin A. Hunsinger

Contact Information and School Hours
Principal: Douglas Keimig

1863 North Betty Lane
Clearwater, FL. 33755
Ph. #(727)469-4260
Fax #(727)469-4163

Student hours:
7:05am-1:05 Monday through Friday
Office hours:
"Success is not being the best, but doing your best."

Mission Statement
The staff of Calvin Hunsinger believe that our mission is to provide emotionally and behaviorally disabled students a quality education in a safe environment that will facilitate each student's academic, emotional and social development.

Vision Statement
Our teachers strive to help every student learn both social and academic skills necessary to make positive choices for a successful future.

Belief Statement: (Core Values)
We, the staff, will work together to accomplish our vision and mission through professionalism, teamwork, positive environment, safety first, student achievement, quality, compassion, communication, cultural competence and recognition. We will utilize the PLC, researched based curriculum, positive behavior supports, and professional development activities that will increase our abilities to accomplish our mission.
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